About Fellow Nurses Africa

Fellow Nurses Africa, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission is a patient centered organization committed to the re-positioning of the African Health care sector and the nursing profession. Our vision is to ensure that those social and economic challenges that threaten the dignity and existence of African citizens are addressed and their well-being restored through the holistic nursing world view. 

We, through the instrument of public health advocacy, health education, vaccinations, capacity building programs and skill exchange, engage disturbing social and health challenges across the continent.

 In response to our professional calling and in the fulfillment of our social contract, we utilize our professional position, knowledge and exposure to serve as advocates, teachers, counselor, researchers and front-line creative agents of change on useful initiatives necessary in addressing the persistent and ignored challenges affecting the health and well-being of vulnerable population. 

We have thousands of volunteers for public health programs and other community services across African countries.


  1. To create a credible nursing organization that will maximize available resources to reducing Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Africa through Vaccinations and proper health educations.
  2. To be at the fore front of Health related policies in Africa.
  3. To be the leading voice of African nurses.
  4. To provide an avenue where nurses in Africa shall speak with one voice.
  5. To build the capacity of Nurses and other healthcare professionals towards achieving Universal health coverage in Africa.
  6. To create an avenue for mentorship in nursing profession.


To achieve 1-5 above

  1. We shall strive to ensure that Nurses are politically oriented, motivated and strongly empowered so that they can be involved wholeheartedly in policy formulations, implementations and evaluations with the people at the center of the policies in Africa and beyond.
  2. We shall create a voice for the healthcare consumers and be advocates of their rights.
  3. we shall strive to ensure that we create platforms where nurses will have say and communicate effectively to the public.
  4. Professionalism shall be our watchword.
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