FNA Team

As you know, a tree does not make a forest. We have some people working tirelessly behind the screen. Meet Fellow Nurses (FNA) Team Below!
POST HELD: CEO/Editor-In-Chief
NICKNAME: Father Of Modern Nursing
Oluwatosin Kehinde is a motivational speaker, life coach, writer, author, blogger, Nurse-Journalist and Registered Nurse by training.


To many, Nursing is a calling, but to Nrs. Kethz as fondly called by friends, Nursing is by birth.


He is a lover and an advocate of Nursing and Nurses. Changing the negative public perceptions of Nursing through innovations, advocacy and policy making has been his major desire. He once carried out a research in November 2015 on Knowledge, attitude and perceptions of Nurses towards politics. This research suggested that a larger percentage of nurses do not participate in politics due to various factors. Since then he’s been working tirelessly to Change the attitudes Nurses have towards politics and to create an avenue where nurses can always speak with one voice.


Oluwatosin is an author of many articles part of which was published by Leadnurse Africa foundation and Nursing world Nigeria in year 2017.


He was an active crew member of Nurses on air radio show until later last year that he decided to take a break. He is presently an active member of institute of nursing research FCNSWZ, Nigeria.


NICKNAME: HarryDonald
OFFICE: Managing Director

Charles wealth is a blogger, web designer and accountant. He specialises in marketing, business development, customer relation, human and public relations management. Had first degree in accountancy from the Kogi State University, Ayingba, Nigeria.

He’s an active member of Purple care initiative, Health stone and coral health club. Also the CEO HarryDonald. Currently the Managing Director of FNA.


POST HELD: Deadline Manager
NICKNAME: TheSentNurse

Adenike Oladimeji is a certified life/health and emotional intelligence coach, a writer/blogger and a professional  Registered Nurse.

To her, nursing more of a calling/purpose than just a profession because of her strong conviction to care for man beyond the physical structure/body but also for the spirit and soul – she cares for the threefold of man

Adenike is an advocate  of quality patients care and also passionate about changing the wrong perceptions of the public about nursing/nurses.

She strongly believes that nurses should be actively involved in policy/decision making at least in the healthcare sector to the  point that she conducted a research about the perception of Registered nurses towards political involvement and its benefits in some selected teaching hospital in 2015.

In her research, she discovered that a larger percentage of nurses are not involved/interested in politics and has been motivating them at every opportunity. Adenike is the major writer/author of many articles published on her blog (www.thesentnurse.com)
A blog she launched in 2015. She also speaks at events, conferences, seminars and has held webinar training for nurses on various platforms such as NJO(Nurses Jobs and Opportunities)

She is an active member of nurses on air radio show since 2016 till date where she is the publicity manager. she is an active coach at SOBCA( Sam Obafemi Behavioral Change Academy) She is a behavioral change practitioner and a volunteer in the ongoing war against drug abuse/addiction. She is a mental health enthusiast

She is fondly called the sent nurse by many of her clients because of her selfless care, good interpersonal relationship and empathy she has shown to her patients.

She is a member and a deadline manager of Fellow Nurses Africa. She has a column/corner on FNA platform called patient’s care desk with Adenike. Currently the Deadline Manager, FNA.



NAME: Sunday Dapo OBEMBE
POST HELD: Social/Online Manager
EMAIL: sirphren@gmail.com

Obembe S.D is professionally a Nurse and passionately a Blogger, a Writer, Blog Tutor and Blog Designer @ Assist Blogger.

He bagged his Registered Nurse Certificate from Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, School Of Nursing, Ado Ekiti. And still have plans to forge ahead in the academic line.

His passion to share his ideas and what he believes will be useful to others led to his creation of his blogs.

He is the Online/Social Manager, FNA.


OFFICE: Circulating Manager
NICKNAME: Boanerges
EMAIL: oluwatobikolawole0@gmail.com

kolawole Oluwatobi is a son of God, a missionary, a speaker, writer,  poet,  researcher, politician and registered nurse by training.

He is one that believes in a philosophy that Nursing is Life. He also agrees with Dalai Lama that Human Happiness comes from putting others into account and above all He holds unto the word Job 33:4 The Spirit of God made me what I am, the breath of God Almighty gave me life! God Always Answers, One Way or Another

He is a lover of nursing and nurses and an advocate.  He believes various misconceptions of the public about nursing and nurses can  be deconfigured and reconfigured into the right path through public speaking and active participation in policy making.  He is on a verge of bringing restoration with team of other intellectuals in the profession to bring about a protective,  proactive and progressive change. He is a core follower of the tripartite of Nursing which he believes are Leadership, Academics and Research.

Kolawole has written articles for various blogs and is an author of poems that are both inspired by nature and supernatural.

He is an active political enigma in the making as he has held various positions till date.  He is also a leader in the Institute of Nursing Research, Fellowship of Christian Nurses,  South West Zone,  as well as a leader in one of the Leadership Cadres of the Fellowship at the zonal level.

He is fondly called by friends and families Pathfinder,  Boarnerges, Pastor and lots more.  He is young,  active and enjoys an inspiration from the Almighty. He therefore settles for the Circulating Manager,  Fellow Nurses Africa.


NAME: Ayodeji Oladoyin OGUNLEYE
NICKNAME: Trailblazer
OFFICE: Advert/Research Manager et Publicity Director
EMAIL: Godchosen4fame@gmail.com

Ogunleye Ayodeji Oladoyin, also known as Trailblazer is a Registered Nurse with interest in Leadership, Politics, and Entrepreneurship.  He is a member of Young African Leaders Initiatives Network where he holds a certificate in Servant leadership from Mandela Washington Institute and more.  His leadership drive has him holding leadership and business certificate from Vincent Adeoba School of Leadership and Business.

He has vested interest in seeing to it that nurses become a force to reckon with with his direct and indirect impact. He is the serving director of Publicity and the also doubles as the Advert and Research manager of Fellow Nurses Africa, a new force in Nursing profession.


NAME: Julie Mogbo
OFFICE: Director, Nursing Services
NICKNAME: Family Bond Nurse

Julie Mogbo, is a Writer, Speaker, an Author, a Family Nurse and the Family Health Director of Lead Nurse Africa International Foundation.

She is the Founder of Family Bond Nursing™, a new family nursing concept which amplifies the implications of family members’ responses and interactions on their psychosocial health in any given situation.

Her dedication to caring and improving lives goes beyond what her duty demands as caring comes naturally to her.

She has taken it upon herself to propagate the gospel of  Family integrity and bonding in Africa as a way of improving on the wellbeing of humanity.

As a nine year old, JulieMo as she is fondly called, began encouraging her primary school mates to choose to live above life’s unpleasantness. Being in a troubled home as a child kindled her desire to build a desirable home for herself and help others do same.

Julie’s curiosity as to how the mind functions and why people behave in a certain way, drove her to discover a mind reprogramming course-Neuro-Linguistic Programming- of which she is now a Master Practitioner.

Her desire to see families develop structures that improve health, promote wellbeing and bonding and that minimize relational frictions that could lead to emotional and physical injuries, breakdowns and consequent hospital admissions made her develop a keen interest in Family Systems. One of the pillars of her drive is founded on Family Integrity, a nursing outcome which systematically considers the behaviour of family members that collectively demonstrate cohesion, strength and emotional bonding.

With this integral aspect of nursing, which was inspired by the death of her super-hero dad, she has carved a niche that has seen her sought after as a speaker, a therapist and a counselor. Julie reaches her audience via varying ways. With a message that emphasizes responsibility, dignity and love, she has been featured on many radio and television programs some of which include Happenings Radio, Television Continental, and Rhythm 94.7 Abuja, Galaxy TV, amongst others.

To further widen her reach, Julie now hosts a radio show, Strengthening Bonds with Julie Mogbo, on Pinnacle Health Online Radio. A show Which seeks to ignite in her listeners the drive to unearth their innert abilities and deploy them in order to improve their state of well-being.

Julie Mogbo, the Family Bond Nurse® is on a mission to engender sustainable well-being of families. Currently the Director of Nursing Services at FNA.



OFFICE: Director of projects/Strategic Planning

Olanrewaju Bunmi Emmanuel, popularly known as tualepastor is a Registered nurse and a Registered psychiatric nurse. Though got into the profession unconsciously but in the course of trending the path of the profession found his calling in the socio-political aspect of nursing.

He was the formal sport director Eksuth School of Nursing  Ado Ekiti, formal Social Director Neuro-psychiatric hospital School of PostBasic psychiatric Aro Abeokuta and the present FORUM secretary Lagos state, Epe branch.

“For some years back now nurse Olanrewaju had been lecturing in various gathering about need for  nurses involvement in politics.

Another aspect he have been making positive change in nursing is the social aspect.nurse Olanrewaju is also an entertainer that organised a program called” old school reunion”that recorded the massive turn out of nurses in elegushi beach.currently working on what he calls “who nurse the nurse”

In other to further make impact and touch life positively in nursing he joined the fellow nurses Africa an organization heading towards making positive history in nursing and serve as a Director of projects/strategic planning.

9). Olayemi Adeola FNA team

NAME: Olayemi Mary Adeola

OFFICE: News & Media Director

Email: adeolam@gmail.com

Olayemi Adeola is a professional nurse, who focuses on coaching young ladies health wise. She is a passionate teen coach, and dedicates her time to write on healthy living tips for teenagers.

She is founder of the Nurse Olayemi Adeola platform, a platform dedicated to teaching young ladies how to stay healthy in today’s world. She is a volunteer at Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative, and is an advocate for mental health.

She is the author of Mental Health, a book that explains how best to stay mentally healthy. Olayemi is a young lady who is creative and passionate about her nursing career, she is the News & Media Director at Fellow Nurses Africa organisation.

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